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Mary Rehak (Hrico)

Status: Married
Occupation: Retired Operating Room Nurse of 35 years
Update: I got remarried in Kauai, Hawaii on 09/09/09. I married my best friend and soulmate Eric, who I met on a blind date on 07/07/07. He's a Civil Engineer. I retired after 35 years of Operating Room Nursing, where I specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. I babysit my two granddaughters, age 4 and 2, three times a week. My husband and I love to go out and eat and be entertained, and also love to take a few vacations per year. My daughter is now 35 and my son is 29. I am most proud of my career as a nurse, my children, my grandchildren, and my husband. I enjoy gardening, skiing, sewing, decorating, and riding my motorcycle which I learned how to ride when I was 49. I took the Motorcycle Safety Course at CCAC, passed, and got my license. The thing I miss most about high school was being a majorette. I still get the baton out every now and then and twirl it in the summertime. I still have the moves. My 15 minutes of fame probably would be when we were
on the Channel 4 Action News with Sheldon Ingram in 2011, concerning our Christmas decorations, where we lived in the townhouse in Murrysville. The corrupt Homeowners ASSociation were unfairly fining us for our decorations. We went to court and we won. We then moved away from there and bought a real house. I'm just loving life right now.

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