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Dave Karnes

Occupation: CPA/U.S. Marine
Employer: Deloitte & Touche
Update: Since high school life's been quite an adventure. I reported for Marine basic training 10 days after graduation. Had I known back in November '75 when I enlisted and set my report date for early June that I'd be dating West Mifflin's homecoming queen, I would not have reported quite so soon, if at all. Things happen for a reason though and I eventually returned home a changed and better man, having added 25 lbs. of muscle and about a 100 lbs. of confidence. After a few years hitting the books at Penn State I decided to carry on the proud Karnes family tradition as a third generation steelworker (we know how that story ends). I will forever treasure the memories of working with my father and brother at the U.S. Steel Structrual Division. I served as a police officer over the next 6 years and discovered that although the money was lacking I was very rich in job fulfillment. I loved being a cop but in '88 went back to another love; the active Marines for another four. Two combat tours and a degree in government later, I got out and relocated to New York bound for the FBI; picking up an accounting degree along the way. After processing into the agency I decided it was best to get some CPA corporate experience, so I joined Deloitte & Touche, having turned down an offer from Arthur Andersen. I manage the audits of financial statements for securities and banking clients out of the World Financial Center in NYC but presently oversee SEC Independence issues for the U.S. and global firm at D&T's headquarters in Wilton, CT. I thought I was done with Marine active duty after my discharge in '92 but 9-11 has prompted me to reenlist for another active tour with orders to the middle east. 23 years of Marine infantry training, 4,000 murdered Americans on September 11th, and the eminent threat of future terrorism, compels my return. The adventure continues. God bless the class of '76 and God bless America. Hope to see you at the reunion.

** Dave, Thank you for defending our freedom. (Bette Giran, Proud Marine Mom of Lcpl. Adam John Giran, USMC - Camp Lejeune, NC)

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