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Dave Kondis

Status: Married
Street Address: 4500 Grandview Drive
City & State: Gibsonia, PA
Zip code: 15044
Occupation: Projects Administrator
Employer: Emerson Process Management
Phone (Work): 412-963-3923
Email (Work):
Update: Finally married to the love of my life Jeni and at the ripe old age of 46. As of June 2006, we have been married almost 2 years now. So I went from being single all of my life to selling 2 houses, building another, getting married, having a step son graduate from HS then moving on to college, etc. etc. Lots of changes since 2003. My wife Jeni & I have known each other since the mid-90's and we finally made the leap together into married bliss. She is also from Pgh (Penn Hills). Jeni's son Keith is attending Pitt studying Computer Engineering. We also have a playful 80 lb. golden retriever and 2 cats.

In 2003, we built a new house in Richland Twp. It has been lots of work, but we are enjoying creating our new home together.

For 1 week in March of 2006, Jeni & I traveled to New Orleans to assist in their ongoing clean-up and rebuilding efforts following the ravages of Katrina. It was an eye-opening experience to see what they continue to face in that region. And we are considering going again next year.

Pittsburgh will always be my home and every year I appreciate more all of the experiences growing up in the West Homestead area. As well, I have been blessed with such great abundance by so many - my family, neighbors, friends, church and school, all are gifts from God.

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