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Mike "Paceo" Pace

Status: Married
Street Address: 262 Cherry Way
City & State: Munhall, PA
Zip code: 15120
Phone (Home): 412 464-0532
Occupation: Machanist, Fabracator, Remanufacture
Employer: Gillece torque coverters and shelf
Update: I have two wonderful children Liz 10 and Mike 7. Liz will no doubt be a rocket scientist. Mike is so much like me it's scary, I'm sure he'll break ball
Besides my kids, the things I am most proud of are my racing, building my own car, being an innovator not an imitator, holding track records and being able to compete with teams with a lot larger budget becouse of know how, not deep pockets. Another thing I am proud of is working for Warren Johnson Racing (six time NHRA Pro Stock World Champion) for a short time.
The things I miss most about High School smoking pot with Spout,my van,riding my skate board Partys at Chaz's house,Hunkey Hill. and how incredibly simple things were.
I had a great time at the reunion.

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