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Carol Creighton (Braszo)

Status: Single
Street Address: 7069 Key Haven Rd. # 505
City & State: Seminole, FL
Zip code: 33777
Occupation: RN
Employer: Bay Pines VA Healthcare System
Email (Work):
Update: So I have now lived more of my adult years in the Sunshine
State than in Pittsburgh and when I had to return this past December for my
dad's funeral, I realized I was living where I was meant to be! I am a
certified southerner and even though Florida is not considered the true
south in terms of the culture, I have to admit I even started listening
exclusively to country music some years back. Hmmm,,, that may have more to
do with my not being able to make out the lyrics to most of the new
generation's music! Anyway, I am beginning the third act of my life. Just
got divorced after 20 years of marriage and two children. Have two
wonderful daughters who are 19 and 15! I just got them both off to start
their sophomore years of school. One in college, the other in high school.
The youngest is doing her best at making my hair turn completely grey.
Despite that, my daughters are my proudest accomplishment.... I miss the
simplicity of life back in high school and the friends who were special to
me during those years. I wish I could be there for this year's 35th but just
had foot surgery and am out of time off! Have fun at the reunion!

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