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Brian Coyne

Status: Married
Update: Married 26 years, daughter 12 years old (via adoption, met her when she was one day old).
You might be surprised that: I'm not a bald-headed, nerdy professor (well, at least the professor part is not accurate). Also, our best man (Dan Cramer) met our maid of honor the day before our wedding, and THEY got married 8 years later.
My 15 minutes of fame: I wrote a feature article for a national energy magazine (Home Energy, March/April 1992 or 1993)
Proudest accomplishment: See all of the above comments, and perhaps managing a $600,000 building program for our church in Erie.
What I miss most from high school: When I say "Smo on this!" nobody knows what I mean. More to the point, I miss the family connections all around me (everybody knew me and at least a few of my nine siblings).

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