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Jeffrey "Deabs" Deabner (Deabner)

Status: Deceased
Street Address: 167 Jefferson Drive
City & State: Fayette City, Pa
Zip code: 15438
Phone (Home): 724-326-5542
Occupation: Consulting Engineer
Employer: Mackin Engineering
Phone (Work): 412-788-0472
Email (Work):
Update: 5 children, Jeff Jr.-23, Graduated from Clairon University, B.SE, M.Ed, now teaching Earth Space Science at Steel Valley High School. Jason-19 attending Laurel Business Institute dual major of small business management and accounting. Matthew -15, 10th grade at Frazier High School, plays hockey and in Drama. Eric-14, 9th grade at Frazier High School,in Drama and Honor Society, (future Doctor). Kimberly-13, 8th grade Frazier Middle School, also taking after her brothers in Drama. Still have my two antique cars. Its been almost three and a half years since I had Cancer. Hopefully I have it beat, I'm almost back to my old self.

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